Vexcis eventlog parser


What is it?

Velp is the Vecxis Event-Log Parser. As the name implies, it can parse the eventlog format that Vecxis provides when enabled on a server.

Programs in velp

  • python/el2json.py Convert eventlog events to json.
  • node/stdin2socket.js Read data from stdin and output via websocket to connected clients.



  • Python 2.7.x or >= 3.3 (for el2json.py)
  • Node.js or Io.js, with npm (for stdin2socket.js)

Server config

  • sv_eventlog 1
  • utf8_enable 1

See Documentation/eventlog.txt for addition options.


No installation of any of the scripts is needed. However, if you want to use stdin2socket.js, then you need to run npm install from within the node/ directory.


Assuming you want to parse a logfile and output it via websocket:

tail -f ~/.vecxis/eventlog.txt | python python/el2json.py | node stdin2socket.js